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Encourage Greater Employee Participation in Their Retirement Plans

April 13, 2023

Now that you’ve decided a 401(k) plan works for your company, where do you go from here? You can either take time to DIY your plan, or you can let a financial professional do it for you. With experience in serving to small to mid-sized businesses like yours, you’re in good hands for plan set-up and have a friendly guide for any pertinent rules and regulations.

After setting up a plan, there are numerous strategies that can be pursued to encourage employee enrollment: setting up group education sessions, providing one-on-one meetings, or taking advantage of automatic enrollment and savings rate escalation features. Working together means we can also make sure your plan provides competitive incentive options such as employer matching, profit sharing, and a Roth feature.

Together, we’ll ensure your employees have a competitive 401(k), stay informed about their options, and are excited about taking the necessary steps toward preparing for their future. If you’re ready to get started, contact the office at any time to schedule an appointment.

The Advisors and Staff at Guided Professional Solutions, LLC 

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