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Mind Games

The ABCs of Successful Investing

Just as the ABCs are foundational to a child’s education, the ABCs of successful investors are foundational to aspiring investors

First Half Market Review

An eventful start to 2023 with a few important lessons to help us make better investment decisions.

Glimpse of Market Future

A fun game in prospective hindsight…what would you do if you knew certain things about the market’s future?.

A Dire Prediction

Predictions may tempt us to abandon our strategy. Best to think before we do anything we might regret.

Danger: Headlines Ahead

One of the greatest perils to investors is a well-written and misleading headline.

What Game Are You Playing?

Knowing what investing game you are playing can help you select the right equipment to reach your goals.

Climbing the Wall of Worry


Markets have a history of climbing the wall of worry. Will 2023 be the same?

3 Investment Lessons From 2022

Three timely lessons that can help us become better investors going forward.

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