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Mind Games

Climbing the Wall of Worry


Markets have a history of climbing the wall of worry. Will 2023 be the same?

3 Investment Lessons From 2022

Three timely lessons that can help us become better investors going forward.

Boring is Beautiful

Some investments can be very exciting. But odds are higher that a boring investment strategy will help you achieve your goals.

Investing In A Bear Market

Investing in a Bear Market is Difficult But Having the Right
Perspectives Can Make it Easier.

Pragmatic Perspectives

Some timely and valuable perspectives when faced with higher interest rates and a declining stock market

The Virtue of Strategic Ignorance

Not all information is beneficial;

some can be detrimental to our well-being. 

The Upside of Bear Markets

Bear markets don’t have to be scary. For long-term investors,

they have several benefits. 

Attention Allocation

Market Corrections

Bull Market Concerns

Increasing Inflation

The Impending Selloff


Successful Investing

Mindful Decision Making

Speculating and Investing

One Year Later...

Back to Normal

Political Presumptions

Coin Tosses & Our Brain

Who Would Have Thought?

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