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Mind Games

Increasing Inflation

Inflation is the talk of the town. It may not be as negative as you would think.

The Impending Selloff

Predictions of impending selloffs occur frequently…and they are often wrong.

Bull Market Concerns

There are always concerns and good reasons to sell during a bull market.


There is a lot of noise in the world, some of which is quite harmful to investors.

Successful Investing

Three tips to help anyone become a more successful investor. 

Mindful Decision Making

A few simple steps can help us make more mindful, less emotional investment decisions. 

Speculating & Investing

Understanding and identifying the difference between investing and speculating can help you make better financial decisions.   

One Year Later

We can learn a lot from the last year. Here are three takeaways that can help us make better decisions in the future.  

Back to Normal 

Political Presumptions

Coin Tosses & Our Brain

We can learn how to improve our decision-making process by guessing coin tosses.

Who Would Have Thought?

With all the negative news in 2019, who would have thought the market would be positive.